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What is FileScout!
A file manager Software for BlackBerry® Devices, “all in one” file, zip, text and image manager for your BlackBerry®.

Even if the changelog for v1.4.0.0 does not list plenty of new features – “under the hood” there have been a lot of changes in order to make FileScout even more stable and memory efficient.

What’s new?
* New Simple TextViewer/Editor Option: Select how files will be saved. Either in ‘UNIX Format (CR)’ (default) or in’Windows Format (CRLF)’. By default BlackBerry is storing files in the UNIX Format – which makes editing afterwards e.g. with Windows Notepad a bit difficult.001_InitialScreenWithDeviceRoots
* Storm 2 (9520/9550) will be treated as the Storm 9500/9530 devices (but still no touch screen support yet)
* Added a MenuItem for the “Go to Directory” + function
* Various performance and memory issue improvements

What’s fixed?
* Sometimes FileScout was instantly started again after it was closed by the user (e.g. when during the FileScout session some media files had been opened) – this issue should be solved with this build.
* OS 5.x ONLY: Endless loop for system folder fixed – Unfortunately in Beta OS 5.x (Storm & Bold) it’s not possible anymore to access the system folder via the file system API – it looks like RIM have restriced the access to this folder. With this Version FileScout will display an error message when the API does not return any content for a folder. This also means that FileScout can’t be used to delete pre-installed files located in the subfolders of ‘system’ for Storm and Bold devices that have installed the OS 5.x. (Beta)
* Additional small tweaks for OS5.x Users

FileScout Home Page for additional info, making a donation and Screenshots HERE!

OTA download link HERE!

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