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After doing a restart (battery pull or soft reset), not all applications you want running automatically start up again and have to be run manually by finding and clicking their icon. One example of this would be most Twitter apps.
Start Me Up will let you select which applications you want to start automatically that don’t do it on their own.


The app you want to add to the list must first be running in the background, so run the app and then hit the Red END CALL key.
Launch Start It Up
Select the application from the drop down list and close.

Next time your device restarts that application will automatically be run!

Some applications require that a network connection is running when they are launched, if an app complains about this just increase the start up delay option in Start Me Up.


  • Automatic start up for apps that dont include this feature
  • Runs applications in background while launching
  • Small size and does not run in background constantly

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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