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Capture IT blackberry 7   captureit blackberry 7

I have used Capture It more times than I can count and I actually consider this a must have app. I use it for getting screen shots of apps and themes for posts but for end users the uses are countless as well. You can take a screen capture by clicking on the icon or add it to a convenience key.

I was not sure if CaptureIT would work on the BlackBerry 7 OS but after testing it out on most of the new devices, it seems to work flawless.

TheTechMogul created Capture it for BlackBerry devices but no longer supports the app, so we have been offering an OTA download link for quite some time, and happy to do so.

Special Thanks to Philo for the screen capture on his BlackBerry 9810 using captureit


To download simply go to our Capture IT download page Here.


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