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Dylan let me know I can cover his themes,  so I will try and cover at least one theme a week. When I came across his theme site I was shocked to find out they were free. I will include some screen shots and you will realize quickly this  Bold DD Theme is of Premium Quality.

Here is the description Dylan gives:

For this theme I tried to keep the home screen as bare as possible (so you can view your wallpapers best), but I also included a hidden Today pop up that appears when you highlight Messages or Calendar.

The 2 smaller icons on the left and the 2 on the right are not changeable. The 4 larger ones in the middle are changeable.

The blue bars down the sides of the home screen are the battery and signal meters. Battery is left, Signal is right. Each section on the meter bars is 10%.



For more screen shots, download and details go  HERE!

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