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I thought this was a pretty interesting site with lots of info. I hope some people in affected areas find this site useful.

Map the Spill is a FREE application that empowers the general public to report meaningful, science-driven information like never before. You can help by reporting oiled shorelines, stressed or dead wildlife, and other spill-related information. Consider walking a section of beach on a regular basis. Join a response team. Ask friends and neighbors to join the efforts.


Map the Spill is a mobile app and website built by Trimble for the public to record the impacts of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Map the Spill allows the public to use their mobile phone to record field notes, take photos and video, and mark locations on a map. This mobile app is also designed to collect data even in land areas without cell coverage or while boating in the Gulf. All reports are shared with the public at The data can be freely used and exported by any person or organization, including response teams, government agencies, scientists, health officials, and environmental groups.

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