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MasterCard Worldwide has announced the availability of the MasterCard MoneySend™ service for BlackBerry® Smartphones, a convenient way to transfer money in the United States from person-to-person easily and securely by combining the power of a mobile device with a banking relationship.

MoneySend works with debit, credit, and prepaid MasterCard cards issued by your bank.  To find out if your bank is participating in MoneySend or to create a free virtual account with Bancorp Bank visit

Once you have the app installed and have established a MoneySend account all you need to know is the recipient’s mobile number. And you can receive money from others just as fast. Use the MoneySend app to get emergency money to family members, pay friends with your mobile phone or even collect payments for your services.

The MoneySend App includes the following features:
    * Accept credit or debit card payments from anyone for free.
    * Send money to family members. Sending fees apply.
    * Pay for informal goods and services.
    * Request money from people who owe you money.
    * Simplify your business or non-profit collection effort using Request FundsTM feature
    * View your MoneySend transaction history from your mobile phone

Available at Blackberry App World Here.

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