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Eduardo let us know that the beta minipaint application is now available for the BlackBerry Storm.
Ever used the Paint application on your desktop? MiniPaint (Beta) brings that concept to your BlackBerry on a smaller scale.


MiniPaint is a program designed to edit the photos taken directly with the phone’s camera. Thus, there are some considerations to take into account when using this program.

  • Only can be opened images in JPEG and PNG format.
  • The images must have a minimum size of 320×240 and no larger that 1600×1200. If an image is larger that 1280×960 this will be automatically scaled for a max width of 1280.
  • The image produced by MiniPaint will be in JPEG format.

Important: This program uses a copy of the picture, there is no possibility of damaging the original pictures.

MiniPaint requires at least an operating system of 4.5 and a screen of 320×240. MiniPaint is currently not available the BlackBerry Storm but appears to be in development, and will not work on the Pearl due to the smaller screen size.
This version 1.0 is beta and is free, no cost, and in a few months a commercial version of MiniPaint will be available.The free version is fully functional, so that the main difference is that it includes a limited number of clipart. The commercial version will have some additional features, such as the ability to add more clipart. The free version adds a logo “MiniPaint” in the top corner of the image created.

You can check out the How-To User Guide by going HERE!

For the BlackBerry Storm or Storm2 Download via Desktop by going HERE!

For all other BlackBerry Devices You can download Via Desktop by going HERE!

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