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This free BlackBerry Bold 9650 theme, Berryssentials offers exactly what it sounds like "Bare Essentials" but there are a few features that make it unique.

This Berryssentials Theme maintains the stock precision icons because there seems to be a large group of BlackBerry users that enjoy themes but prefer to keep the icons stock.  Berryssentials reveals 3 hidden today entries nestled neatly into the header to keep you organized but your screen won’t be cluttered. 

The home screen has a semi-translucent "skin" between the wallpaper and the icons creating a theme with wallpaper friendliness but clarity for all home screen items as well.  A lot of themes that are wallpaper friendly still make it hard to use wallpaper images that have high levels of white in them but Berryssentials handles them with ease.


You can pick this Free Theme up by going  HERE!

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