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Labyrinth – classic wooden labyrinth game for the Storm/Storm2 where you control a steel ball to find a way to finish hole. As you tilt your BlackBerry the ball will weave its way through the maze but watch out for the objects (blocks, holes, teleports). With a lot of levels and variable ball speed to match your skill level you will have hours of entertainment.

This update new features:

– Inverted levels feature, get x2 levelsberrylabyrinth12
– New look at labyrinth UI and effects
– Improved physics simulation
– Improved game controls for trackball devices, added new animation
– Added new option – reset levels
– Added web registration (user’s wishes)
– Improved gameplay with timers & lifes, – you have to manage to pass the level for some time and a certain number of attempts


* Very simple to play but addictive!
* Efficient algorithm of physics simulation
* About 16 levels and more than 10 games in one level, – 235×2 games in current release!
* A lot of interaction objects – blocks, holes, locks and others…
* Find and collect all the keys to open all the doors on the way to the finish
* Manage to pass the level for some time and a certain number of attempts
* Accelerometer calibration
* Vibro effects
* Sounds support
* Autosaving of completed levels
* User Friendly
* DEMO version is available with 10 easy and interesting levels
* FREE update for registered users! New levels in every release and many more…

For Labyrinth LITE go to our store HERE!

For Labyrinth Full Version go to our Store HERE!

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