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Fixmo Tools is like a utility belt for your BlackBerry. Several apps rolled into one. It helps save you from losing email and other data, monitor your power and memory usage, and even avoid potentially embarrassing email mistakes. For all the apps you get with Fixmo Tools 15.99 is a great price but today you can save by 38% and get it for 9.99.

New utilities and Enhancements to existing Features with  Version 1.5 :

  • Silencer Exceptions & Blocked Caller Lists.  Silencer now provides the ability for you to specify callers who can still reach you when your BlackBerry is silenced and to specify which callers which always be silenced.
  • SMS Recovery tracks your incoming and outgoing text messages and allows you to recover them as email to your general Inbox.
  • Multi Clipboard allows you to copy and collect multiple snippets of text and paste them where you need. It includes context aware copying so that you can copy the entire content of an email, task or contact from the list views of those BlackBerry applications without having to open the particular item and manually select all the pieces of text.
  • MeetMe now has an "auto-text" feature that allows you to type ‘meetme’ or ‘meet4lunch’ directly into an email to get the same result as selecting these functions from the menu. This has a two-fold benefit: it saves you from having to bring up the menu and also reduces the number of items appearing in your email menu.
  • Commander is a command line interface for getting information about your BlackBerry, such as the strength of your radio signal, your PIN, battery statistics and the like.
  • Antenna Meter lets you test the signal strength of your BlackBerry while holding it in different ways.

Available in our Store Here.

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