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Thanks to Jason for letting us know that Fitdeck Mobile is available for the Storm.

“If you have the desire, FitDeck Mobile gives you the When, Where, and How for an Everyday Healthier Life.”


FitDeck Mobile is a unique application that runs on your mobile device and provides simple, convenient, and fun exercise programs for all ability levels.

Interval Training: Perform a series of FitDeck Mobile exercises alternately with a cross-training exercise (e.g., lap around the track, FitDeck Mobile exercise, lap around the track, FitDeck Mobile exercise, and so on).
Coffee Break: Take a quick break from the desk and rattle off 2 or 3 FitDeck Mobile exercises. You’ll feel reinvigorated and there’s no need to change into workout clothes. Best of all, over the course of a week you’ll have done a complete bonus workout.
8 Before Bed: Were you so busy you had to forgo your workout today? Motivate and do 8 FitDeck Mobile exercises before you hit the sack. In less than 10 minutes you’ll shake off the day’s stress and put those feelings of guilt to rest as well.
Group Training: Are you a teacher, manager, coach, or anyone else who oversees a group activity? Mix things up by leading them through a short FitDeck Mobile workout of 10 slides or so and get your folks motivated.
Workout Reminder: FitDeck Mobile lives on your mobile and you live by your mobile. Use your calendar feature to schedule workouts during the week – when the alarm sounds you already have your workout right at hand.

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Achieve Your Goals
FitDeck will help you lose weight, gain strength, and feel great! And because it’s created by former Navy SEAL and certified trainer Phil Black, you know it’s effective.
Simplify Your Life
With no special equipment required – only your mobile, there’s no need to go to the gym or buy expensive fitness equipment. Just launch FitDeck Mobile and go!
Have Fun!
Shuffle the exercise slides and you get over 3 trillion workout combinations… And you never know when you may get a wild card to mix things up even more!

Free Trial Available:

You can pick up FitDeck at the Store:  Favorite Products section HERE!

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