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It is time for the final week of the Theme Throwdown !  HedoneDesign is offering up 3 brand new themes for this promotion- Sense, Imperia & Wall-e! This should be a great way to wrap up the Throwdown !

Here’s the recap on the promotion: We challenged four of our top selling theme designers to our first-ever Theme Throwdown.  Each theme designer gets to choose five of their top-selling themes, one for each day (Mon-Fri), for a week of Deal of the Day promotions.  Whoever sells the most  themes in their week wins the "Theme Throwdown Champion 2010" title.

You can also copy and paste the below RT below into your Twitter for a chance to win.

RT and enter to win 10 free #HedoneDesigns BlackBerry themes. 50% off a top theme from 06/21-06/25.  See todays deal

For week four, Hedone Design has submitted the following great themes:

Monday: HDD HedoneDesign Sense

Tuesday:  HDD HedoneDesign Chryom

Wednesday:  HedoneDesign Imperia

Thursday:  HedoneDesign Explicit

Friday:  HedoneDesign Wall-E

You can check out what Theme is available every day by going HERE!

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