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feedz blackberry rss feed

I’ve been looking for a cool news reader and I have found it with Feedza. Pull news feeds from your favorite Blogs, Websites, Youtube and more.

When getting started Feedza is pretty straight forward but you must first signup for the service but the whole process is very easy. Once signed up you can add an RSS feed or explore popular sites via the categories option. Feedza is a Built for BlackBerry Application and Free.

To add an RSS feed was a little tricky at first but in just a few steps you are all set. When adding a RSS feed tap the Menu on the lower left of the screen and select search. Type in the URL or RSS Feed URL and let it find the site. Once the site has been found tap on the site so you can see the information pulled in. Lastly tap on the More menu lower right and select subscribe. Then you can navigate back to the home screen, swipe down on the screen to refresh the content.

You can use a light or dark them with other options available which makes this app quite nice.

Details: We believe subscribing to fresh contents from your favorite blogs and websites should be fun and easy.
Feedza is a social reader that lets you easily subscribe to websites and blogs. With Feedza, You can categorize and organize your feeds, share and keep track of trending and interesting articles.

Price Free

Feedza for BlackBerry is Available in BlackBerry World Here.

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