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Fast Scroll enables users to use their BlackBerry’s volume buttons to scroll thru email lists and other applications! Fast Scroll augments Track Balls, Track Pads, and Touch-Screen scrolling improving both speed and precision, making you more productive with less effort.

Fast Scroll extends the life of your Track Ball, extending the life of your BlackBerry!
Reduces stress on your thumb for those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Increases speed, lets you concentrate on what your looking for, significantly reduces thumb motion & effort for applications like email that require a lot of scrolling.

Supported Applications:
* Email Message List
* Email Messages
* SMS List
* SMS Messages
* BlackBerry Messenger
* BlackBerry Messenger Threads
* Task Lists, Song Lists, Photo Lists


  • Pressing and holding a volume button rapidly scrolls thru the applications listed below.
  • Pulsing a volume button, precision (one item or line at a time) scrolls thru applications listed below.

Price 0.99

Available in our Store Here.

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