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Well for those that used FakeCall on your other model of BlackBerry and could not use it when you moved to the Storm, you will be glad to hear it is now compatible for your Storm. It is at a special price and I also noticed that FakeCall for the 8700 Series, 8800 Series, Pearl 81xx Series,Curve and BOLD has been discounted also. You can see all the pricing in the store at the link below.


Fake Call is a program that is intended to give BlackBerry owners a way to escape impromptu office meetings and unwanted social interactions using the Black Berry– by simulating incoming phone calls!

A call will materialize from anyone you want, your phone will light up like a Christmas tree, your favorite ringtone will sound and, when you accept your fake call, an active call screen identical to a real one will display. This program is a true escape from any unwanted situation!



* * Set the type of fake call eg: Allow, Private or Unknown
* * Authentic incoming and call screens
* * Randomly select a caller from the Contacts app. The name and number will show up on the call screen
* * Set an time to activate the fakecall automatically
* * Set volume for the ring tone
* * Set Vibrate
* * Use any ring tone in main memory eg: mid and mp3
* * Greeting sound. Optionally play a sound file when you answer the fakecall
* * Very simple User Interface

Minimum Requirements:

* BlackBerry Storm

Operating System

Special Price: $2.95 until May 31

You can pick it up at our store in the Favorite Product Section HERE!

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