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EZLinks is one of the latest apps to come out of the BlackBerry Hackathon program and it is so simple and useful that I really wish I had thought of it myself.  The app adds a menu entry that is accessible any time you press the menu button.  From there you just highlight the “Change BBM Status” option and a pop up appears allowing you to enter a new status. EZlinks can also add a home screen icon for quicker access to your BBM PIN Barcode.  Not much else to say about it really, It only has those two main functions, but it does what it claims to do and it will save you a lot of time if you change your status frequently like I do. I’m glad to see cool things like this coming out of the Hackathon program.


EZLinks is a simple, yet helpful way to perform common BlackBerry Messenger tasks with the push of a button.

Update your BBM™ Status from ANYWHERE by pressing the Menu button in ANY app!

Show your BBM™ PIN Barcode with a single click, no more need to fumble through menus to find it!

* Requires BlackBerry Messenger 6

Price: $0.99
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