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I came across this press release and thought I would share this really cool application allowing you the possibility to use any fax machine in the world as a printer for  your BlackBerry smartphone.


Press Release Excerpt:
emFAST Inc., manufacturer of the FACSys Fax Messaging Gateway, announced today the availability of the FACSys Print-to-Fax application for BlackBerry smartphones. Leveraging the inherent print capability of fax machines, the FACSys Print-to-Fax application allows users to send emails and attached documents from their BlackBerry smartphone to any fax machine/device in the world – effectively turning those devices into personal printers. Provided that the user has a network fax application, like FACSys, or subscribes to a fax server service, the message will be printed on the fax machine of their choice.
“When people receive attachments on their handheld device, more often than not, it is more convenient to read it in a printed format,” says Peter Mittler, VP of Business Development at emFAST. “The challenge is how to print the document when most handheld devices are not equipped to send documents to a printer. Moreover, connecting to a printer requires technically configuring the handheld device.”

FACSys Print-to-Fax enables BlackBerry smartphone users to print by simply entering the fax number for any available fax device (eg. a hotel, airport, business center or even at a customer’s location). Even attachments such as Microsoft Word documents, spreadsheets and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files can be printed, provided that the fax service is provisioned to convert the attached documents to fax format.

“Road warriors, such as sales people, often need printed documents; having the information on the handheld is often not enough,” says Elvis Cabral, Director of Sales at emFAST. “In general users prefer being able to print large attachments – such as multi-page spreadsheets – for ease of review, presentation to customers or where a signature is required.”

“I am particularly pleased with the improved security and confidentiality of this application,” states Frank Kaufman, President of emFAST. “In the past, one would have had to forward a received message to another party and request that they print the message and documents for you. Now you can directly control the output location without the risk of a third party retaining a copy in their inbox as well.”

You can pick it up at BlackBerry App World HERE!

Full additional information about emFAST Inc. and FACSys go HERE!

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