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I am a few days late on this one but i am a huge fan of the BlackBerry  Dropbox application. They make downloads for the app available time to time so make sure you have at least signed up for a Dropbox account.The Desktop and BlackBerry version are both very easy to navigate and very useful. Links are provided below.

Release Notes:

Fixed stuff
– various 6.0 UI bugs
– bugs around sharing
– support for wma, flac, ogg, aac, 3gpp for devices that support these formats
– temporary workaround for picture uploading failure on 6.0 (for now, pictures over 700KB are going to get scaled down when uploaded. We’re working on this)
– more fixes for connectivity over BIS, BES

Known issues
– streaming will fail over BIS, BES
– uploading files over 1MB will fail. Over BIS, BES, the limit may be even smaller (512KB)
– downloads of files over 512KB will fail on BIS, BES

If you do not have a DropBox account you can get signed up by going to


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