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I just got an update from DropBox that version 2.0 was available for download. It does not appear that any new slots have been made available for public download, however if the app continues to work great, I would expect the final version to be released sooner than later. If you do not have a DropBox account you can get signed up by going to

Change Log

– fixed the bug where text wouldn’t take up the whole screen in text edit mode
– fixed the bug where when viewing an html file and scrolling to the very bottom you’d end up with a blank screen and no way to get out
– supporting 9100 and 9105 now
– fixed a few UI artefacts on 9800 for those of you on the bleeding edge
– navigation around thumbnails/image gallery views is now more straightforward
– you can now unlink your blackberry from inside Dropbox Web UI and when you try using BB app next time it will kick you out into login screen
– you can now open folders in search results (and they will show up in search results)
– animation in sliding image gallery is now a bit more responsive
– thumbnails view ui is now a bit more responsive
– support for docx, pptx, xlsx files with any viewer that opens it
– php files now open in text edit mode
– some improvements around the way popup screens look
– fixed an incorrect error message on registration screen


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