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Here is a great Application for all you Music Lovers. With Didiom’s new, all-in-one application, you can stream music from your PC to your phone wirelessly, for free. Choose from your own music library, or buy and download from the Didiom Marketplace of over 1 million songs. You only pay for the music you download. The software is free and so is your account.

What is the cost? Most songs are between $0.89 (single download) and $1.39 (dual download). Most albums are between $9.99 (single download) and $12.99 (dual download). The price will appear on your phone’s screen before any purchases you make, and you’ll sometimes have the option to bid.

I have included a screen shot of the BlackBerry devices they have listed as supported.


If you would like to access your home computer’s music library from your Bold, all you need is Didiom. Music streamed from your computer or downloaded via the Didiom store plays over the Bold speakers in stereo sound. Or, if you prefer wired headphones or external speakers, the Bold’s equalizer can enhance your mobile music experience.

Check out Didiom by going HERE!

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