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DDDroid Commando Blue BlackBerry Themes

It’s gotten harder and harder to call new BlackBerry themes unique or original.  Having been a theme designer for over 4 years myself  I know how hard it can be to form an idea that feels fresh and original.  This new theme from drkapprentice designs is both unique and original.  This theme is currently only available for touch screen devices but is coming soon for the Bold users as well.  DDDroid Commando is available in blue(shown above) with OS 6.1 icons and red with android icons.


  • 5 icon animated curved dock(can be hidden)
  • 4 icon bottom dock(can be hidden)
  • 8 icon text dock(can be hidden)
  • weather slot(can be hidden with clock)
  • massive digital clock(can be hidden)
  • intuitive touch screen theme controls
  • wicked fast due to 100% hand coded svg animation

DDDroid Commando is on sale in the BlackBerry Sites Store for $0.99 for a limited time only (normally $4.99)

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