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Coveroo sent me a demo to try and I did not have high expectations on what I would receive and actually forgot it was coming. I read coveroo used laser engraving technology and a HighColor process, so ok sure that sounds fancy but how good would it really look? Well I have my coveroo and WOW I am impressed. First off coveroo is not a skin or sticker I received an actual battery door cover laser etched in all it’s glory to replace my old one. Yes it is a high-quality design that won’t ever fade, peel or rub off.

With being in the Cincinnati area I requested a Bengals Coveroo and fully intend on getting some additional Coveroo’s for other seasonal things.

A Coveroo customizes your phone with one from over 2000 designs or even your own custom artwork. Designs include those from NBA, MLB, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Tattoo Johnny, David and Goliath and many more.

Get your own custom Coveroo by going Here. Free Shipping On All Order!

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