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This Free version does have some restrictions which is limited to 2 custom contacts.

* Assign custom LED colors to specific contacts for incoming text messages, email and phone calls!
* Assign any one or two colors to the BlackBerry LED indicatorscreenshot_3
* Select from 9 colors and combination’s of them: Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Red, White or none
* Multiple phone numbers and email address ability for one color combination
* Syncs with BlackBerry address book for easy additions!
* Easy-to-use interface with preview functionality
* Share with a friend feature
* Setup wizard for first-time users
* Easily dismiss the LED by pressing the red phone button
Special Notes:
* Please note this application WILL require a battery pull after download. If you are experiencing problems starting Color ID, pull the battery, and try again after the device has finished rebooting.
** You must grant Color ID trusted access to all your BlackBerry’s permissions. The application will not function properly without access. If you are not comfortable with this, please refrain from downloading Color ID

You can pick up this app by going to our Store HERE!

If you want the Premium Version no restrictions go HERE!

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