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Every wanted to change some of the system icons or 3rd party applications and dont want to install a custom Theme? or you just want to change one icon on the Theme? Well you can with magicIcon.   screenshot_1

Change the application icon is simple. Just select the application from the list and select the custom picture. The picture can be any format jpg, png, gif as long as the BB support it. The best result is edit your picture or icon to match with the BlackBerry OS icon size on the desktop computer and then save it to the sd card. For Storm and Tour the format size is 73 x 73. If the picture is larger than the icon size then it will be resized.

Changes to all application’s icon are persist during a reset meaning they will not be reset to the default icon.

magicIcon also works with all custom Themes. You can change the application’s icon.

Note: Not all system application’s icon can be changed.


  • – Works with BlackBerry OS 4.7 and higher
  • – No Custom Theme required
  • – Works with all custom Themes
  • – Change some of the system application’s icon
  • – Change 3rd party application’s icon
  • – Use any picture format eg: jpg, png, gif that are supported on the BlackBerry
  • – Icon changes persist during a reset
  • – Very easy to use

Available for: 9500 (Storm), 9530/9530T (Storm), 9550 (Storm 2), 9630 (Tour), 9700 (Bold)

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