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In response to the recent concerns regarding cellphone call security, Cellcrypt has today launched a Wi-Fi® version of its secure cellphone voice calling application that is free to BlackBerry® smartphones users for 90 days.


Aimed at corporate and government employees, this offer provides a quick and easy ‘rapid response’ solution for senior executives who have become increasingly concerned about the risk of cellphone voice call interception – especially when travelling abroad – following recent news of advances in cellphone call hacking.

With Cellcrypt, a traveling executive can use their BlackBerry smartphone to make calls over a Wi-Fi network to another Cellcrypt user anywhere in the world and be assured in the knowledge that the content of their call is protected to government-level standards.

A recent survey conducted by ABI Research on behalf of Cellcrypt, showed that while 80% of businesses regard cellphone calls as being at least as vulnerable as email, only 18% have adequate cellphone voice call security solutions in place.

In addition to protecting corporate information, concern for personal safety while travelling abroad is a common reason for securing voice calls. According to the research, 70% of businesses have executives that travel to countries requiring a higher than normal level of concern for safety, and 92% of those consider it the organization’s duty to provide mechanisms to protect employees’ personal security when traveling.

You can visit Cell Script by going HERE!

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