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With this announcement Cellcrypt adds the following new lineup  the new BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Curve series of smartphones.

cellcrypt_homeCellcrypt the leading provider of secure mobile voice calling, today announced that its Cellcrypt Mobile for BlackBerry® application is now available on the recently launched BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 smartphone and for the first time on the BlackBerry® Curve™ and BlackBerry® Pearl™ series of smartphones. Cellcrypt now brings secure voice calling to a wider range of BlackBerry smartphones across a broad range of price points.

The requirement for secure voice calling is now greater than ever. Recent media coverage of well-known individuals having their mobile phone security compromised, and of a hacker organisation’s detailed plans for cracking standard GSM cell phone call encryption, demonstrate an increasing need for organisations to ensure sensitive information remains secure.

Cellcrypt Mobile delivers end-to-end, real-time encryption to protect private conversations from being compromised; enabling individuals within corporations and governments to converse in a highly secure manner without the need for specialised equipment and by using a standard software application that makes highly secure calling as easy as making a normal mobile phone call.

“Cellcrypt has seen incredible interest from the global BlackBerry community since we announced its availability on the BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone in May,” said Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO of Cellcrypt. “Now, not only are we supporting the latest devices such as the BlackBerry Bold 9700, but the application is also available on a wide range of BlackBerry smartphones found in the market, allowing more users to secure their sensitive voice calls.”

Cellcrypt uses the latest Internet technology to provide unmatched voice call quality, international calling capability, high reliability across wireless networks and real-time encryption. The Cellcrypt Mobile for Blackberry application uses Government-grade encryption certified to the FIPS 140-2 standard approved by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and is presently undergoing certification with a number of Governments world-wide. The product operates on all major wireless networks including 2G and 3G cellular, Wi-Fi® and satellite networks.

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