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News is continuing to come out of the WES 2009!

Press Release:
Cellcrypt (, the leading provider of secure mobile voice calling, today announced that Cellcrypt Mobile is available now for BlackBerry® smartphones.


Cellcrypt Mobile introduces end-to-end real-time encryption to prevent private conversations from being compromised, enabling individuals within corporations and governments to converse in a highly secure manner without the need for specialised equipment or the expense of new infrastructure.


“Business users routinely protect their valuable documents and data using encryption technologies,” said Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO of Cellcrypt. “But they have not previously been able to place that same level of protection on their mobile voice calls. Now, with Cellcrypt Mobile they can.”

“More and more enterprises are following the lead of Government agencies in seeking ways to securely protect voice calls,” continued Simon Bransfield-Garth. “Enterprises in particular understand that certain mobile voice conversations are susceptible to interception, especially if those calls contain high-value information or take place in high-risk regions.”


“Voice is the last unsecured data service,” commented Jeremy Green, Practice Leader Mobile, at industry analyst Ovum. “Security of mobile devices is a hot topic in the industry, and up until now, high security voice calling has only been available using specialized military-specification equipment, but solutions from companies such as Cellcrypt make this easily accessible to all.”

Cellcrypt operates with an easy-to-use interface on commercially available BlackBerry smartphones and does not require specialized equipment. Cellcrypt users will be able to benefit from the end-to-end security of their mobile voice calls, along with all the features of their BlackBerry smartphone.

Cellcrypt recently announced that it has opened a US office in Palo Alto, California to meet the growing demand for encrypted voice solutions from its North American customers

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