Select Page  is growing fans quickly by saving cell phone users lots of money started out as a  Free Beta service and tried to stay low profile while everything was being perfected; not only on the server side, but for the end users experience as well.

People all across the country are quickly beginning to realize that is the easiest way to reduce cell phone cost, and Family Circle made its readers aware of this in their August issue. 42 Ways to save money was on the cover of Family Circle Magazine and yes one of the ways to save was

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There is a strong and simple need for a way to reduce cell phone costs. Did you know that consumers and families over pay on average $300 on their cell phone bills yearly? For the average American cell phone user and his/her family, cell phone costs are rising due to over payment for cell phone services not used or needed, higher use of data plans with smart phones, confusing rate plans and the inability to know what really is the best cell phone plan for the user and his/her family. More than ever, there is a growing necessity to reduce cell phone costs and make it easy.

Complicating matters even further, cell phone bills tend to have a very high error rate. Studies have shown that due to the complexity of cell phone billing and all of the extra charges wireless carriers put on their cell phone bills, both consumers and companies are paying too much in many cases. It is true that most wireless carriers do their best to bill fairly and accurately for their cell phone services, but with the complexity of cell phone billing, there are going to be mistakes and confusion on the buyer’s part. This means that in most cases, the individuals, families, and businesses are paying too much for their cell phone services.

It is the growing inability for buyers to control cell phone cost effectively that led to the creation of our website gives consumers, businesses, and government agencies the true ability to reduce  cell phone costs easily, securely, and quickly! provides tools and services not only to manage and control cell phone costs, but also to greatly reduce cell phone costs.

Jeff Moore, the CEO and founder of has been managing wireless companies for 20 years. His companies have helped over 100,000 consumers, companies, government agencies, and their employees reduce their cell phone costs. He began studying the dilemma that consumers and businesses faced when it came to cell phone bills more than 10 years ago. As a result of his research, his team of wireless experts began developing a proprietary software program that audits cell phone bills almost immediately. The project took two years and the end result is provides a quick and easy way for both consumers and businesses to reduce cell phone costs significantly. “We think it is the fastest way to reduce cell phone cost” said Moore. Consumers and businesses can upload cell phone bills easily and get a free savings evaluation before they have to buy. If they want even more information on how to save on their cell phone bill, they can choose a service that is right for them. The consumer or businesses do not have to switch wireless carriers, and they get to see their potential saving on their current wireless carrier and other wireless carriers for free. The average customer sees a 32% savings. was just featured in the August edition of Family Circle Magazine as a way to “slash your cell phone bills in minutes”. “We were happy to be recognized by Family Circle Magazine. It just goes to show that people see how easy it is to save on cell phone cost at” said Moore. The site is growing fans quickly by saving cell phone users lots of money. has had thousands and thousands of users already see just how quickly they can reduce their cell phone cost.

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