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Before I go into details  I had the opportunity to  speak with Shailesh from Vayyoo about vPost. While he answered questions and shared information it was easy to tell that Vayyoo is truly dedicated to all the products they offer.

While I see vPost being great for personal use, I can see it being a daily business tool for those that work out of the office.
I was going to list some ways vPost can be used but the situations are endless.

vPost is a new medium in mobile communication for all those who experience it because it enhances the message.

With vPost you can capture multiple pictures, video, audio, and text and send it via a geo-tagged email. It’s not “what can it be used for” but “what can’t it be used for!”


The possibilities for vPost as a social extension are endless since most social networks, blogs, news agencies, etc. accept email.

vPost is the perfect complement to any enterprise because it makes data-collection and collaboration mobile and context aware.  Pictures, Audio Notes, & GPS together make the ultimate message.

I am including a video in which Kyle Kemper introduces Vayyoo’s vPost.  While watching the video and everything it can do; please note how easy the program is to operate.

For FAQ  “question index” go HERE!

vPost is available for a great price and has  a trial version so you can see for yourself.

Trial version and Purchase link  available HERE!

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