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call tools blackberry app

CallTools v3.1 is completely rewritten to take notes and create new tasks only. This is a great application for keeping organized and having notes for reference.

Call Tools is a powerful call notes taking application and task manager. Call Tools will prompt you for a task everytime you finish the phone call. You can add a new call note, new to-do, new appointment, send a new SMS or send a new email. When you add a new call note call Tools store the note in the Contacts application user field for the Contact. When you get a phone call Call Tools will automatically display the call notes for the caller so that you can view the past conversation. Call notes are organized in Journal format from the most recent note so that you can easily follow.

Optionally you can run Call Tools during the phone call and add a new task.

All your call notes will sync to the desktop whenever you sync the Contacts application.

With Call Tools all your call notes becomes a daily journal and can be viewed easily.


Create new appointment after each call
Create a new Task after each call
Create a follow up appointment after each call
Manually add a call note in Callnotes app
Automatically close CallNotes screen after each call if no notes entered
Option to Always prompt for a call note
Option to Only prompt for a call note if call is longer than a specific time eg: one minute
Have a daily Journal of all your notes in the Calendar
Automatically sync your call notes whenever you sync the Contacts
Very easy to use

Price 3.99

Call Tools Ultimate for BlackBerry Available in App World Here.

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