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This game has been around for quite a while, but thought I would share it with you. Not only is this game a great time killer it  allows you to turn the sound off. You can pick it up in the BlackBerrySites store Free section bottom of the page. HERE!



Compatible Devices

Blackberry CURVE or 88XX or compatibles

BlackBerry Pearl

A wonderfully simplistic, yet extremely addictive puzzle game in which the player is presented with a grid of bubbles, each of which is one of five colors. The point of the game is simple: remove bubbles from the grid by double-clicking groups of two or more adjacent, like-colored bubbles. The longer your bubble chains are, the more points you score. The trick to getting a high score in the game, is to build longer and longer chains of bubbles by removing smaller chains in such a way as to move like-colored bubbles together. The longer chains can score hundreds of points, whereas a large number of smaller chains are almost worthless by comparison. Bubble Popper will soon become your ideal companion for all those occassions where you want to burn off a few minutes with a free puzzle game on your cellphone !


* Bubble Popper is completely FREE.

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