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I received an email from John Sidline on the BOLT PR team. People say all the time e-mails don’t show emotion but from his e-mail he does seem excited about this new browser. After reading the details and specs for BOLT I can see why.

A key aspect of BOLT is its speed.  ( Oh and its Free ) They have done testing to back this up.  These results below compared the BOLT to a Native Phone Browser and Opera Mini 4.2.



BOLT – 13.363 (mean); 12.925 (median)
Opera Mini 4.2 – 20.723 (mean); 20.920 (median)
Native – 454.790 (mean); 454.110 (median)



BOLT – 11.823 (mean); 11.405 (median)
Opera Mini 4.2 – 21.447 (mean); 20.915 (median)
Native – 133.64 (mean); 132.47 (median)

The BOLT browser is not only fast, but it conserves resources to extend battery life and minimize data transfer. What’s more, there are no requirements for web developers to optimize their websites for BOLT; developers can simply design their websites exactly as they would for a PC browser. Applications come out everyday. Some are a big hit and some are not. BOLT so far seems to be on track for a BIG hit in the BlackBerry World

You can find BOLT home page HERE

You can find BOLT faq HERE

You can find BOLT download form HERE

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