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Special thanks to Danny for letting us know about the most recent update of the Bolt Browser.

New Features and Details:

  • View streaming flash or HTML5 videos from sites like YouTube, MySpace and MTV
  • Enjoy Twitter and Facebook widgets with BOLT’s web app platform
  • Easily switch between multiple sites with tabbed browsing
  • Post to your Facebook or Twitter account directly from BOLT while you browse
  • Backup your favorites in the cloud

 *   – Support for Tabbed browsing
    * – Facebook integration – post messages, links or URLs from any page displayed in BOLT directly to your Facebook account without navigating away from the currently viewed page.
    * – Support for HTML5 audio
    * – Support for HTML5 video
    * – Expanded streaming flash video support. Newly-supported sites include:
    * – Support for Facebook chat and other web-based chat apps.
    * – Support for YouTube web apps – search and view videos directly in BOLT
    * – Enjoy Twitter and Facebook widgets with BOLT’s web app platform
    * – Backup your favorites to the device’s memory and restore them back through BOLT directly
    * – Backup the favorites to your user account at BOLT Space and restore them back regardless of device, its platform, BOLT type (BOLT or BOLT Lite) and location.

About Bolt Browser:

BOLT is a free downloadable browser that offers an uncompromised browsing experience on even lower-end mobile phones.
BOLT’s WebKit-based cloud-computing architecture delivers the same web page layout found on desktop PCs. Rather than offering a simplified, mini version of the Internet, BOLT provides users with a fast, efficient, feature-rich way to enjoy uncompromised web pages and rich media applications on all levels of mobile devices.
BOLT is the result of 5+ years experience developing mobile browsers that optimize usability, speed and performance on resource-constrained systems with limited memory, processing power and screen space.

You can download Bolt Browser via Desktop  HERE!

You can Download OTA HERE!

If you’d like to make BOLT the default browser on your BlackBerry (so you can open BlackBerry mail, messenger and sms links in BOLT) please download the BOLT Launcher Plug-in (in addition to the BlackBerry specific version of BOLT) at :

Additional Instructions can be found HERE!

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