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This newest release of BOLT includes a number of important design enhancements, as well as incremental improvements driven by BOLT’s users. For all mobile data networks that support it, BOLT 1.6 now offers full 184_5025_bolt_logo_websocket-based connectivity which can increase the page rendering speed of BOLT by as much as 15 percent. BOLT 1.6 also includes a new password manager, allowing usernames and passwords to be saved by the browser for easier and faster logins to users’ favorite websites and online applications.

Responding to a frequent request from BOLT’s BlackBerry smartphone users, BOLT 1.6 can now be set as the default browser on their smartphones. A version of BOLT created specifically for BlackBerry smartphones not only has all the features of BOLT, but also includes default BlackBerry shortcuts and optimizations.

BOLT’s Unique Capabilities Include:

* Best of breed page load speeds
* Most accurate page rendering
* Displays full websites just as they would appear on desktop computers
* Streams videos from popular video services such as YouTube
* Copy and paste text
* Uploads video and photo files directly to websites from browser
* Only major WebKit based cloud computing browser
To download from your BlackBerry go HERE! (NOTE: See plug-in below)
If you’d like to make BOLT the default browser on your BlackBerry (so you can open BlackBerry mail, messenger and sms links in BOLT) please download the BOLT Launcher Plug-in (in addition to the BlackBerry specific version of BOLT)

To download via desktop go HERE!

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