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This is a routine upgrade primarily for  behind-the-scenes improvements. So for those using the BOLT Browser now you will be prompted to upgrade on your next start up of the Browser. If you would like to try the BOLT Browser the download links and instructions for the additional plugin are provided below.

BOLT’s Unique Capabilities Include:
* Best of breed page load speeds
* Most accurate page rendering184_5025_bolt_logo_web
* Displays full websites just as they would appear on desktop computers
* Streams videos from popular video services such as YouTube
* Copy and paste text
* Uploads video and photo files directly to websites from browser
* Only major WebKit based cloud computing browser
To download from your BlackBerry OTA go HERE! (NOTE: See plug-in below)

If you’d like to make BOLT the default browser on your BlackBerry (so you can open BlackBerry mail, messenger and sms links in BOLT) please DOWNLOAD the BOLT Launcher Plug-in (in addition to the BlackBerry specific version of BOLT)

Additional Instructions can be found HERE!

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