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ballastic z10

I usually prefer a case I can clip onto my belt but this Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) case is super slick and looks great on my white Z10. This case is easy to put on and take off, which also makes it a great case for those that like to switch between cases.

ballastic z10

The material not only looks great but allows easy access and does not interfere with typing when getting to the letters on the edge. All the access ports have very easy access and the way the cover snaps onto the rubber protection sets off a cool look. Two color styles available….. Black/Black and Charcoal/White that is shown above.

ballistic z10 case protection

This case is equipped with three layers of amazing protection! An amazing feature included in our SG Series is the Ballistic Corners™ – which means all four corners have extra shock absorption, right where you need it most. So drop your phone with confidence, in the airport, office, parking lot, or even at home – you’ll always be protected with our Ballistic Shell Gel SG Series Case for the BlackBerry Z10.

  • Advanced three layers of protection
  • Pocket-able protection
  • Equipped with a lay-on-table-feature
  • No-slip grip

Ballistic Shell Gel SG Series Case is Available from Ballistic Here.


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