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blackberry traffic download free app world

BlackBerry Traffic v3.0.0.389 has been officially released to App World and should be available for most users within 24 hours. I have it showing up via App World on my device and via desktop now so be on the lookout for this version of BlackBerry Traffic.

I really love the features with 3.0 and so far it has been extremely accurate and the voice guidance has pretty good timing with keeping you advised on upcoming turns.

The voice guidance provides stress-free navigation and allows you to travel completely hands free; with the option to have clear voice instructions come through a Bluetooth headset or your vehicle’s sound system, and deliver turn-by-turn directions if you want them.

What’s New?

• Now featuring voice guidance projected clearly through your device’s speaker, Bluetooth or car system’s input; program it to be as detailed as you want so you have constant direction
• Avoid toll routes with alternate route ideas before leaving for your trip
• Invite others to use BlackBerry® Traffic 3.0 via BBM™

System Requirements

* Activation with data plan including Internet browsing capability
* A GPS-equipped device
* BlackBerry® Maps installed


BlackBerry Traffic is Available for Free in App World Here.

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