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BlackBerry Traffic has been updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone  and the changlog is listed below. The update does require a reboot after update.

I really love the features with 3.0 and so far it has been extremely accurate and the voice guidance has pretty good timing with keeping you advised on upcoming turns.

Please see below for fixed issues and improvements in BlackBerry Traffic version

*Fixed* Overlap Text: The overlapping text bug displayed in the “Options” menu screen has been corrected.

*Fixed* Device Lock: When pressing the lock key, 6.0+ OS devices will now lock when application is in the foreground.

*Fixed* “Include Street Names” box: When checking the “Include Street Names” box in “Guidance Options”, the application will no longer automatically default to “High-Quality Audio”.

*Improvement* Initial Voice Guidance Instruction: “Arriving at destination” audible guidance is now enforced upon arrival.

*Improvement* Guidance Options: Wording changed in “Guidance Options” menu screen to “Standard Audio – Faster Download” and “Enhanced Audio – Louder and Clearer”.

UPDATE: *Improvement* Improved coverage on up-to-date traffic information.

UPDATE: *Improvement* Application now includes traffic incident reports.

Download the app in BlackBerry Beta Zone: To Get Signed up or Download go to

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