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blackberry traffic

BlackBerry Traffic has been updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone  and the changlog is listed below. The update does require a reboot after update.

I really love the features with 3.0 and so far it has been extremely accurate and the voice guidance has pretty good timing with keeping you advised on upcoming turns.

Please see below for fixed issues in BlackBerry Traffic version

*Fixed* Guidance Options: wording changed to “Standard-quality Audio (2.5x larger data download)” and “High-quality Audio (10x larger data download)”

*Fixed* Battery Consumption: periodic timers disabled when in background and in arrived state.

About: BlackBerry Traffic measures real-time traffic conditions to provide users with a recommended route to take and an estimated time of arrival. Where applicable, the app can even account for toll routes and give users alternative routes to help avoid them! The new version features audible turn-by-turn directions.

New features include:

  • Voice Guidance – New voice guidance helps users reach their destination with completely hands free navigation. The audible-turn-by-turn directions can run over Bluetooth® or via your vehicle’s speakers. Users can set up the voice instructions with varying levels of detail.
  • Additional Road Information – User can find out if a road is closed or under construction as well as note toll routes that lie ahead!

 Whether on a long commute or traveling somewhere new, you’re not alone while on the road with BlackBerry Traffic v3.0 guiding the way

Download the app in BlackBerry Beta Zone: To Get Signed up or Download go to

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