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With lots of places to go, and people to see, planning to be where you need to be on time can be a challenge. Thanks to BlackBerry® Traffic, you can easily plan to be where you need to be—on time. 

Know the estimated time of arrival (ETA)
    * Using the GPS navigation built right into the BlackBerry smartphone, and taking into account current traffic conditions, travelling speed, construction/roadblocks and more, BlackBerry smartphone users are able to predict the time and distance it will take on their commute.

View current traffic conditions
    * Is designed to decrease travel time by providing users with the current traffic conditions on specific roads and allowing users to choose to take an alternate route ahead of time.

Share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) with others
    * Users are able to update people on their contact list with an ETA status. Messages are preset and are delivered via SMS, email, or PIN message.

Works with BlackBerry smartphone applications
    * Designed to allow easy access to other BlackBerry applications, without having to leave the application. Users can get addresses from the BlackBerry contact list and email, text message, or PIN message their ETA to BlackBerry contacts

Download via BlackBerry App World Here.

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