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I have been using the BlackBerry Torch for a few days now and I will admit it’s not the iPhone. and thank God for that.  True to form BlackBerry has released a few devices lately and everyone always wonders "is this the time BlackBerry competes with iPhone and Android?"

Yes it was time for a change but why mess or change what BlackBerry is known for, a great device for business’s and everyday users who want to be connected and organized  with ease of use and secure encryption rivaled by no competitor while on the go.  I have been a BlackBerry user for many years and have always been happy with what they have offered and never felt cheated by having a BlackBerry. If any change was needed by RIM/BlackBerry it was to make a change that showed they were not going to keep doing the same thing over and over. People like to see companies that step out of the comfort zone and adapt with popular trends. Some of these trends being touch screen, media, social networking and a great internet experience on a mobile device.

The BlackBerry Torch running BlackBerry 6 will definitely not be considered "the same old thing."  The Torch 9800 offers more than most people probably think and that is Diversity. A solid touch screen that can also be navigated with the track pad and an on screen keyboard or if you prefer a slide out keyboard you have that option, giving end users diversity.

BlackBerry 6 and the webkit browser also take RIM/BlackBerry a big step forward, whether it be adding a shortcut to your favorite website on the home screen, Tabbed browsing, email integration with your social networks, the option for wireless media sync or uploading your video straight to Youtube  just to name a few.

BlackBerry 6 has been listed to be available for a few other devices, but if you have some of the older devices that will not be compatible do not feel slighted at all, I still have the 8120 pearl and 8900 curve so enjoy being a BlackBerry user and abuser.

Now that BlackBerry has shown it can make a big jump in both the device and OS, I cant wait to see what they have in store for the future. BlackBerry doubters and bashers what will they have to complain about now?

BlackBerry in my opinion has stepped to the plate and given a glimpse of how they can change in a big way, but do not compare them to the iPhone or Android, the BlackBerry has always been in a class of  its own and always will be.


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