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We all know that the iphone knockoff themes have been worn out, even though they continue to do well on the sales charts I’m tired of hearing and talking about them.  That being said, OS replication is always the popularity favorite with BlackBerry themes so today we will focus on the replication of another OS that has been getting some attention lately in the theme world.  Windows Mobile 7 has been somewhat successful but being a new platform still lacks many features that smartphone users desire, but the UI is definitely something new and different providing a new challenge for creative minded developers. Drkapprentice designs has released a new BlackBerry theme called Mo7 (Currently only supporting touch screen devices but the developer let me know that there’s a 480×360 version in the works) and I absolutely love the creativity and thought that has gone into his design.  I have to mention the fact that the download is barely over 350 kilobytes as well making it barely noticeable to your devices application memory.

On initial download this theme might not seem all that innovative but take a closer look because there are 3 unique and fantastically functional views packed into the home screen.  The primary view is a pretty straight forward layout with 6 Windows Mobile 7 style tiles, each encasing a user selectable icon with the appropriate non-fading application text.  The next view is a list of 7 more user selectable applications in a vertical line that mimics the application “drawer” of Windows Mobile 7 devices.  This view is perfect for application icons like BatteryEx and BerryWeather in my opinion.  The 3rd view is my personal favorite and has been dubbed as the “Live Tiles” view, which gives you access to 4 today elements for Text Messages, Emails, Calendar, and the Missed Call Log.  This view also has static tiles for BlackBerry Messenger and Contacts(be sure to check out the sweet animation on the contacts tile!).

This theme has been priced at a very reasonable $5.99 considering how much work was obviously put into it, but has been placed on sale for a sweet price of $2.49 for the next 7 days!

Get Mo7 in the BlackBerry Sites Store Today!

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