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There are plenty of fantastic BlackBerry themes out there but it’s not very often that a theme comes along that brings fantastic design as well as purpose to the table.  Inspire Hope by Vision Mobility has done exactly that.  This is a theme that allows you to support almost any cause with your BlackBerry by allowing you to choose between 8 different colored ribbons placed masterfully between 2 OCD icons.  Each version has a bottom dock nested neatly on top of 2 text icons as well.  One of my favorite features of Inspire Hope is that each of these elements can be hidden offering the user a feature packed or minimal design within moments.  The standard and highly productive Rapid Access Keys are included in this theme as well allowing users to switch between any Vision Mobility theme on their BlackBerry and maintain consistent shortcuts.

Get Inspire Hope in the BlackBerry Sites Store for $5.99

Currently supports the 8900, 9500, 9630, 9650, 9700, and 9780 OS 5.0 and 6.0

Vendor’s Description of Inspire Hope

BlackBerry Themes often show support for a cause but never before has a theme offered the flexibility of supporting multiple causes. The unique custom designed ribbon changer allows you to change between White, Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, and Yellow support ribbons.

Custom Hotkeys for Keyboard Devices:
Hide Icon Dock: ALT + Q (#)
Reveal Icon Dock: ALT + A (*)
Hide Widget: ALT + I (+)
Reveal Widget: ALT + Q (-)
Show Dock/Banner Tint: ALT + V (?)
Hide Dock/Banner Tint: ALT + B (!)

RAK Hotkeys:
(F) Profiles
(0) SMS and MMS
(alt + w) Pictures
(alt + e) Music
(alt + r) Videos
(alt + s) Twitter 4 BlackBerry
(alt + d) Facebook
(alt + f) YouTube
(alt + z) Setup Wifi
(alt + x) Ringtones
(alt + c) Manage Connections

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