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promo image for Cheshire BlackBerry Themes by Vision Mobility

Vision Mobility has always been one of our favorite developers when it comes to BlackBerry Themes and their newest release, Cheshire is probably our favorite to date!  This theme was designed with a phenomenal attention to detail and allows you to create your own homescreen design quickly and easily with a custom designed control panel(see picture below).  By hand coding the homescreen svg they have created an efficient theme that runs lag free on your device.

Cheshire is currently available for 9800,95XX,8900,9630,9650,9700,9780 OS 5.0 and 6.0

Get Cheshire in the BlackBerry Sites Store for $5.99

Vision Mobility was nice enough to give us a coupon for $2 off the first 25 purchases with the coupon BBSCHESH

-Over 100 Banner possibilities
-Switch between Black and White text as well as Black and White METERS!
-Turn the bottom dock on and off
-Turn the OCD icon on and off
-Turn OCD text off-ALT+? to hide, ALT+! to show
-Turn Meters on and off(Good for BatteryEx users)-ALT+ # to hide, ALT +* to show
-Wifi toggle actually animates to on and off when you turn your wifi on or off and launches the connection manager
-User defined wallpaper on incoming call screen!

Standard Vision Mobility Hotkeys:

(F) Profiles
(0) SMS and MMS
(alt + w) Pictures
(alt + e) Music
(alt + r) Videos
(alt + s) Twitter 4 BlackBerry
(alt + d) Facebook
(alt + f) YouTube
(alt + z) Setup Wifi
(alt + x) Ringtones
(alt + c) Manage Connections

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