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With Wave, everything is at your finger tips: your homescreen will be transformed into a slick dashboard where all of your apps become easily accessible from the core menu in the center. Touching a category, you’ll find all of the apps you need as well as customizable slots if you need some that are not already there. No more sifting and searching. Everything is in one convenient spot and it looks gorgeous!

♦ NEW! Easy access to 21 locked fan icons!
♦ Fast & snappy
♦ 7 Customizable icons
♦ Clean & minimal
♦ Weather slot
♦ Locked profiles icon
♦ Pixel perfect design

For the WAVE BlackBerry Theme
Click Here.

* The wallpaper will not be customizable to allow for a more impressive interface.

On your BlackBerry Now? Watch video Here.

Price 6.99

For the WAVE BlackBerry Theme
Click Here.

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