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PSHD-BlackBerry-Themes-by-Hedone-Design Get PSHD in the BlackBerry Sites App Store for $6.99

I saw this new BlackBerry Theme by Hedone Design a few days ago and just had to take it for a spin. As a theme designer it is often professional curiosity about the mechanics of themes that interests me more than aesthetic value and PSHD is definitely one of those themes.

Visually PSHD(not sure whether this stands for PlayStation High Definition or PlayStation Hedone Design) is a stunningly accurate replication of the Sony PlayStation operating system interface.  If you are a PS3 addict then this theme is probably a dream come true.

Home Screen: I found the home screen of PSHD to be architecturally sound utilizing an intelligent navigation pattern its easy to get around without having to think too hard.  Hedone typically finds some sort of clever way to integrate the battery and signal meters into his themes and this theme is no different but the battery indicator is very vague only showing you a color which is unfortunate but you could always use an app like BatteryEx or SixTools to accommodate for this. PSHD is definitely quite snappy on my BlackBerry Torch indicating a well crafted SVG file and I liked having the icon text for each application, a definite plus for apps like BerryWeather.

Icon/App Screen: This was the first thing I noticed about PSHD that I didn't care for, the icon set is designed to be dark in its normal state and bright when highlighted.  I'm guessing this was primarily for the visual appeal on the home screen but in the App screen it just causes you to search harder for the icon you need.

Final Thought: Overall I really enjoyed using PSHD by Hedone Design and I think its one of my favorite themes by him but I do think there is a slight functionality sacrifice made for the visual benefit so I don't think this theme will be good for every user. I'm a power user and a heavy shortcuts user as well so I often don't care how functional a home screen is but I did notice that certain things were taking me a bit longer using this theme. If your interest is purely visual then I don't think you will probably find a better PS3 theme on the market.

Get PSHD in the BlackBerry Sites App Store for $6.99

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