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blackberry theme cerebral

Currently this theme is only available for the BlackBerry Torch, however I have been demoing it on my 8900, so other devices are coming very soon. The Features shown below are a very nice addition to this theme, but overall my favorite part is how well the today view is laid out.

Cerebral is a simple, clean, and versatile BlackBerry Theme. Built to run smooth and adapt to any situation as well as any wallpaper.

Full screen tint layer for light wallpapers (ALT+? to activate, ALT+! to deactivate)
Today area that can be hidden (ALT+I to hide, ALT+O to show)
Hide both the bottom dock and the today area to reveal a single OCD Icon or Weather Slot(ALT+Q to activate OCD, ALT+A to deactivate)
Landscape View on Touchscreen devices has a static 6 icon bottom dock


(F) Profiles
(0) SMS and MMS
(alt + w) Pictures
(alt + e) Music
(alt + r) Videos
(alt + s) Twitter 4 BlackBerry
(alt + d) Facebook
(alt + f) YouTube
(alt + z) Setup Wifi
(alt + x) Ringtones
(alt + c) Manage Connections

Price 5.99


Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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