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Jey at Berry Blow let me know about a new game they have out called Labyrinth.


BerryLabyrinth v.0.90 BETA 1
BerryLabyrinth – classic wooden labyrinth game where you control a steel ball to find a way to finish hole. As you tilt you BlackBerry the ball will weave its way through the maze but watch out for the objects (blocks, holes, teleports). With a lot of levels and variable ball speed to match your skill level you will have hours of entertainment.

Supported devices: BlackBerry Storm 9500, 9530

labyrinth1 labyrinth2

BETA version now has 10 fully playable levels.
Main Features & System requirements
Efficient algorithm of physics simulation
About 10 levels and more than 10 games in one level
A lot of interaction objects – blocks, holes, teleports and others…
Sounds support (soon…)
Autosaving of completed levels
Accelerometer calibration feature (soon…)
Complete  details at Berry Blow HERE!

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