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I use a lot of these shortcuts on a daily basis and figured this may be some new information for some BlackBerry® users.

While in your Browser viewing a web site using the following keys will give you the following results for most current models.


P (Will show you the page address you are on and give you the option to copy or send the address.)

I (Zoom In on the page)
O (Zoom out on the page)
U (Full Screen view)
Y (Shows your History)
R (Refreshes the Screen)
A (Add the current  site to your bookmarks)
S (Browser Option/Settings)
D (Close/Exit out of Browser)Capture20_59_54
F and V (Search)
G (Opens Browser as Go To shortcut)
H (Takes you to your set Home Page)
K (opens your Bookmarks)
Del<- (Back Page)
Z  (Maximize & Minimize if available)
C (Connection Information)
T (Top of Page)
B (Bottom of Page)

If you know of any other shortcuts feel free to leave a comment and shar them.

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