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I can see BlackBerry Rescue being a very big hit, so make sure to remember the name of the site for future reference because some day; whether it be for personal or business, you may need these services. You can check out the details below.
BlackBerry Rescue is an online BlackBerry support service available to the public. Over 9 plus years experience with Blackberry devices, BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server), BlackBerry Application Development and BlackBerry Device Training.  The services are very affordable and offers a great service.
blackberry rescue
Helping YOU the BlackBerry User
BlackBerry Rescue offers support that tailors toward day to day users and businesses.  We understand that productivity is the #1 priority for smartphone users during the course of the day.   So we have taken the challenge amongst ourselves to provide a lending hand to help YOU the BlackBerry user.

A Simple Support Program For BlackBerry Users
Offer simple but realistic support programs that just make sense.  From day to day issues whether small or large we provide support to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

The Benefits of BlackBerry Rescue Support
* Increase  productivity.
* Decrease calls to your call center or mobile carrier.blackberry rescue1
* 1 on 1 help.
* Affordable Rates.
* Quick resolutions.

The BlackBerry Support Services include but not limited to:
* BlackBerry device setup support
* BlackBerry 101 training support
* BlackBerry troubleshooting
* BlackBerry corporate support and training

Examples of the types of incidents that our support covers:

BlackBerry Email setup
BlackBerry Phone as Modem setup
BlackBerry Desktop Manager issues
BlackBerry Java error
BlackBerry device training
BlackBerry device backup and recovery
BlackBerry Enterprise Training
BlackBerry device backup and recovery
BlackBerry handheld training
3rd party application support
BlackBerry IT Policy

You can access BlackBerry Rescue by going HERE!

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